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Extracurricular Clubs

Mission Statement
Larchwood Primary School - 
Achievement and Enjoyment
All children achieve their potential, enjoy their primary years and are given opportunities and experiences they will remember for life. Our children learn within a safe, secure and caring environment where their education, inclusion, well-being and social skills are promoted daily.

Our mission statement encapsulates our ethos; what we value as a school. Part of this is to offer our children as many extracurricular opportunities and experiences as possible. We are offering 23 clubs during the summer term! Every member of the teacher and support staff will be running a club. This is amazing and I believe a rarity in most schools.

Out of the 23 clubs, 21 are free. Additionally, the two clubs we charge for are heavily subsidised in order for all children to have access to them.

Clubs – Summer 2017

If you click the link above, you will see our clubs are varied, incorporating the traditional, with new technology and the creative, with the active.

Thank you to all our staff for offering our children these extracurricular clubs!

A letter to parents will be sent out today explaining how you can sign up for the summer.


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