Breakfast Club

Larchwood Breakfast Club has been a huge success since its launch during the spring term 2013.

The children have porridge and a wide range of cereals to choose from. They also have the option to have toast with butter, jam or marmalade or Marmite. Orange, apple and blackcurrant juice is on offer for the children to drink, as well as water.

After they have eaten the children have an array of activities. Lego, board games, playing cards, top trumps, reading books, word searches, origami and colouring, just to mention a few.

Mr Collins-Duncan (our sports coach), keeps our children active with lots of different team games.

Other children just choose to sit and chat with friends and what is particularly nice about this option is simply children getting the opportunity to talk to children from other year groups. It is not usual to see Reception children talking to children in Year 6.

Where it is warm enough to take the children into the playground, which adjacent to the school hall, we take the opportunity to do this.

Another regular in Breakfast Club is Mr Bowsher.  He has his daily bowl of porridge with the children and enjoys the conversations that are had.

Mr Bowsher is also very keen to keep the cost of running this provision to a minimum and it presently costs just £5.00 for the whole session, including breakfast.

Payment Schedules for Breakfast and After School Club for 2023-2024

Doors open at 7:30am and children will be taken into their respective classrooms at 8:30am (when school starts). It is held in the school hall so please enter via the school office entrance.

Prior booking is not necessary but is a appreciated if you know your children will be attending on certain days. Breakfast club is always run by Larchwood staff members and not an outside agency.

Breakfast is served from 7:30am until 8:00am. Children can still attend after 8:00am but would need to have breakfast at home before attending. 

Current staff members: Mrs Bean (lead) and Mrs Dansey