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Reading Support

Good word recognition
A child can read the word (this does not mean they understand the meaning).

Good language comprehension
A child fully understands the meaning of a word (but might not be able to read it).

Poor word recognition
A child cannot read the word (but they may understand the meaning, if the word was read to them).

Poor language comprehension
A child does not understand the meaning of the word (but may fluently read it).

Just because a child reads a word, it doesn’t mean they understand what it means. So, they could have good word recognition but poor language comprehension.

Additionally, a child may know the meaning of a word but cannot read it. So, they have good language comprehension but poor word recognition.

We aim to achieve good word recognition and good language comprehension (top right of corner of the diagram). Please click the image for it to enlarge.

Here are two documents that can help when reading with your child:

Key Stage 1 – Reading Prompts (also useful for Reception)

Key Stage 2 – Reading Prompts

We hope you find them beneficial.

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