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Photography Competition

During half term, we will be running another photography competition! Hooray I hear you say, as they have been popular in the past.

This one is slightly different though.

Historically, we have not specified a category or topic but this time we are.

I would like photos of Pilgrims Hatch and Brentwood around the school and what better way to get them is for the children to take some.

So, I am looking for creative snaps of our local area, which I then want to put on canvas and hang in different areas around the school. This time, instead of trophies for the winners, the prize will be your photo on canvas. Fantastic!

They can be colour, black or white or even have a filter added.

Same as before, you can take as many as you wish but all entries have to be tweeted to the school during half term.

From Saturday 13th to Sunday 19th February 2017.

I will be letting everyone know about our photography competition via the News and Views.

Good luck everyone!

  • Calendar icon January 22, 2017
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