Phonics and Reading

Phonics at Larchwood

At Larchwood we follow the Letters and Sounds programme. Staff in EYFS and Year 1 follow the structure of sounds set out by Phonic Bug planning alongside the resources from Phonics play, Jolly Phonics actions, songs and resources as well as high quality resources on Espresso.

Children are given Phonic Bug decodable books to read at home that link to the sounds they are learning that week. 

Staff in Year 2 follow Phonics Play planning for phase 6 of Letters and Sounds. Children in Year 2 who are not ready for phase 6 phonics will have access to the decodable books and resources from EYFS and Year 1.

This is a fun and child centred approach to teaching phonics. Children learn the 42 letter sounds of the English language, rather than the alphabet. They are then taken through the stages of blending and segmenting words to develop reading and writing skills.

Children in KS2 who require more phonics input, continue this in intervention groups and also have access to decodable books. 


Reading at Larchwood

As well as following a phonics scheme from Reception through to Year One and Two, we also implement a rigid scheme for reading at home, whereby the children are nurtured and have plenty of opportunities to read in school and practise their skills. Books are closely linked to the children’s current phonics phase, through the collection of Phonic Bug decodable books that we have, in order to give them opportunities to consolidate and apply their phonic understanding and when ready, at some point in Year 2, children will be moved onto the Accelerated Reader system.

When using Accelerated Reader, children complete a reading assessment every half term that assesses their understanding of language and comprehension and they are awarded a reading range that closely matches their reading ability. Children then complete quizzes after each book to ensure that they have understood what they are reading and that their banding continues to be appropriate for them. 

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