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After School Provision

The role of the modern day primary school is changing. It is no longer a 9:00am – 3:00pm provision and the ethos of Larchwood is very much about providing for the community.

Our “after school” provision caters for parents who cannot pick-up their children at the end of the school day, for example, working parents.

It operates from when school finishes to 6pm.

Not only is this provision run by members of Larchwood staff and not an outside agency, parents have the piece of mind that their children are in a safe, secure and familiar surrounding.

The children have access to most of the school facilities during their time in the after school club which includes the computer room, cookery room, and playgrounds. The activities provided are varied, engaging, safe, educational and child friendly.

Dinner is provided (free of charge) from 5pm and dietary requirements are taken into consideration.

Different price tariffs are in place, please click the link to access a full breakdown of associated costs.

After School Provision Costs

We also accept Computershare Voucher, more information in regards to this can be found here.