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Our policies are reviewed periodically and play an important role in moving Larchwood Primary School forward. They are published below and anyone can access them.

The Department of Education (DfE) has produced a document, called the statutory policies for schools that outlines the policies and other documents governing bodies are legally required to hold.

One policy that is not published in writing but is still very important is the “open door policy” our school has. Our Headteacher is committed to ensuring the communication channels are never blocked and his door is always open.

Larchwood Primary School Policies

Admissions - review date June 2019
Anti-Bullying - review date January 2020
Behaviour and Discipline - review date June 2021
Charging and Remissions - review date January 2021
Child Protection - review date September 2019
Parental Complaints - review date February 2021
Data Protection - review date January 2021
Equal Opportunities - review date December 2019
Extremism and Radicalisation - review date January 2020
Intimate Care - review date January 2020
Safeguarding Children - review date March 2020
(Keeping Children Safe in Education – Sept 2018)
SEND and Inclusion - review date March 2021
SRE PSHCE - review January 2021
Supporting Children with Medical Conditions - review date January 2020

Brentwood Academies Trust Policies

Request for paper copies: A parent may request a paper copy of the information on our school’s website and we will provide this free of charge.