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New School Website

Larchwood Primary School has a new website!
Our new website has arrived…..

It is a much more comprehensive, user friendly site that not promotes not only better communication with our community but actively encourages their participation.
You can leave replies to posts on our blog, retweet our comments on our brand new Twitter feed, use the direct links to login in to all the online learning resources we subscribe to (as a school) and much, much more.
It will be ever evolving, ensuring a one-stop-shop for information in regards to your children’s education and enjoyment, whilst attending Larchwood Primary School.
Let us know what you think of our new website, leave a reply……

  • Calendar icon November 10, 2013
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  • Mr D Smith

    The website provides a wealth of useful information and learning opportunities for parents and pupils alike. Well done.

  • Mr P Richardson

    Very good website with plenty of information, like the calendar this will be very handy. Good to have what the years are covering as can help them at home.

    Very easy to navigate and lots of good links.

    Like it!!!!

  • Leah Bailey

    A massive well done to Mr Duff and all the team at Larchwood who have worked hard to get this fantastic new website up and running. Its an invaluable source of information for both current and prospective parents. I particularly like the information about each year group and the topics and activities they are working on. Also the blog is a brilliant way of communicating whats going on at the school. Another great example of the positive steps being taken to improve the school and its reputation.